Google Analytics Fundamentals

Google Analytics is used by more businesses than any other tracking tool - learn the essentials in set up, fundamentals and reporting.

By Analysts for Analysts, this program brings you the most relevant knowledge to develop and accelerate your skills!

Initially developed as a 4-year program for Google to train graduates to become digital analysts. Sparkline ran and evolved the program to align to the Digital Analytics Association competency framework, ensuring it covered all the necessary business applicable tools and techniques to kick start an Analytics Career.

This is one module in the entire curriculum for you to 'pick and mix' what tools/techniques are most relevant for you!

The stats speak for themselves, with 100% employment opportunities and offers, entry level salaries at 16% above average, and 100% of participants recommending the course to others.

Google's feedback:

"the Sparkline team have been great partners to Google in delivering the SquaredData program, a flagship example of public-private sector upskilling for Singapore in the areas of data and analytics over the last 4 years "

Joanna Flint Managing Direct Google

As you've seen, the feedback from the trainees has been very strong and that of course is due to all of the work Sparkline did to prepare and deliver the curriculum. It was great to see so many Sparkline team-members share their particular area of expertise with the group, as well as the range of industry players you were able to bring in.”

Ruth Beattie, Squared Data Programme, Google Singapore

Anywhere, Anytime learning to bring a proven curriculum to ANYONE passionate about being an Analyst. Experience practical active learning, real world examples from businesses, quizzes, cheat sheets and interviews from Analysts and industry professionals on why these roles are so important to today's businesses.

We are not a training company, but rather an analytics company that trains global businesses and people. want to empower anyone passionate about the space to access content that will nurture these crucial skills, in practical, accessible and cost effective ways.

We hope this helps you in the stepping stone to a fabulous Data Driven Career xx

The Curriculum: Google Analytics

1.1 Google Analytics: How it Works

1.1.a The History of Google Analytics

1.1.b How Google Analytics Works

1.1.c The Google Analytics User Model - Hits, Users, Sessions

1.1.d The Google Analytics User Model - Unique & Returning Users

1.2 Account: Account Structures

1.2.a The Challenges of Cookie Based Tracking

1.2.b The Structure of a Google Analytics Account

1.2.c User Access Levels in Google Analytics

1.3 Account: Setting Up

1.3.a Setting Up A Google Analytics Account

1.3.b Setting Up Your Tracking Code in Google Analytics

2.1 Platform: Definitions & Concepts

2.1.a Bounce & Bounce Rate | Entrance & Exit

2.1.b Not Set | Not Provided

2.1.c Introduction to Goals

2.2 Platform: Goals

2.2.a Goal Types

2.2.b Setting Up Goals in Google Analytics

2.2.c Destination Goals

2.2.d Duration & Pages Per Session Goals

2.2.e Events & Event Goals

2.3 Platform: Navigation

2.3.a Date Range Selector

2.3.b Main Menu Panel

2.3.c Main Canvas Layout

3.1 Reports: Definitions & Concepts

3.1.a Introduction to Reports

3.1.b Introduction to Report Sampling

3.1.c Introduction to Report Segmentation

3.2 Reports: Segmentations

3.2.a Creating System Segments in Google Analytics

3.2.b Creating Custom Segments in Google Analytics

3.2.c Creating Segments Using Conditions

3.2.d Creating Segments Using Sequences

3.3 Reports: Audience Reports

3.3.a Audience Reports

3.3.b Demographic Reports

3.3.c Interest & Geo Reports

3.3.d Behaviour Reports

3.4 Reports: Audience Reports

3.4.a Technology Reports

3.4.b Mobile Reports

3.4.c Benchmarking Reports

4.1 Reports: Acquisition Reports

4.1.a Acquisition Concepts: Traffic Sources | Source/Medium

4.1.b Acquisition Concepts: Campaign Tracking

4.1.c Source Medium

4.2 Reports: Acquisition Reports

4.2.a Referrals

4.2.b AdWords

4.2.c Keywords, Search Queries, Hour of Day

4.2.d Search Console Report

4.3 Reports: Behaviour Reports

4.3.a Behaviour Reports

4.3.b Overview & Site Content

4.3.c Site Speed

4.3.d Site Search

4.3.e Events

5.1 Reports: Conversion Reports

5.1.a Conversion Reports - Goals

5.1.b eCommerce Transaction Performance

5.1.c eCommerce Product Performance

5.2 Reports: Conversion Reports

5.2.a Shopping Behaviour

5.2.b Multi Channel Funnel

5.2.c Top Conversion Paths

5.2.d Time Lag & Path Length

5.3 Reports: Conversion Reports

5.3.a Attribution Reports - Last Click v Linear

5.3.b Attribution Reports - Other Models

5.3.c Attribution Reports - Custom Models

5.4 Reports: Custom

5.4.a Custom Reports

5.4.b Custom Reports - eCommerce Performance

5.4.c Custom Reports - Marketing Performance

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